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The Green Scythe Fair is a great opportunity to see scythes in action, ask about equipment or technique, or purchase some kit. Around the country there is a growing number of scythe festivals, competitions and gatherings, but this Somerset event is the biggest.

Scythe Competition
The Green Scythe Fair is the home of the West Country Scythe Championship. This was the first and remains the biggest scythe competition in the country.

In the individual competition, mowers have to mow a square of grass five metres by five metres. It is mainly about speed, but there is also a quality score. A close even cut is preferred. In 2016 the heats were from 11am till 2.30pm, as there is a limit on the number of squares available. And it is not unknown for newcomers to do very well in the event. Please come back nearer the time for more info.

The top slots in this competition are keenly contested, but mainly it is for fun. Other games at the fair are strictly for fun, for participants and spectators. Team mowing, hay gathering, and scythe versus strimmer. The mix of games varies from year to year. The results of previous years competitions can be found here:

Scythe Training
We will be updating the website nearer the time with more information.

Further General Information
For information about scythes, other courses around the country and the developing scythe 'scene' see the web site of the Scythe Association of Britain and Ireland:
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