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If you need clarification of any of the following, please contact us before sending your application form:

Your stock must have been obtained from an ethical source, e.g. fairly traded or hand produced by yourself or your friends and family.
Goods produced by forced, exploitative or child labour are not permitted.
Mass produced goods which are not environmentally friendly are not permitted.
No goods produced by unethical multinationals may be sold.
No items associated with war or aggression, including toy weapons, may be sold or displayed.
Recycled paper is preferred for carrier bags, serviettes etc.
Stalls must respect other faiths, cultures and beliefs. No forms of discrimination will be tolerated.
Products sold must not have been tested on animals.
Stalls selling second hand goods are welcome, but must comply with the other guidelines.
No balloons to be sold or given to the public, due to the litter problems they can cause.
Only green forms of transport may be promoted.
No mains electricity is available on site.
Please do not leave behind any litter at the end of the day.
Dogs are allowed on site but are the responsibility of their owners at all times and must be on leads. Dog mess must be cleaned up.