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2016 Debate – FLOODING

Edited presentations from local landowner Julian Temperly, campaigner George Monbiot, and local Green MEP Molly Scott Cato. Chaired by Francis (Herbi) Blake.
Filmed at the Green Scythe Fair, Somerset, 12th June 2016 by Frances Aitken

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The debate for 2017 is ‘Carbon Neutral Communities’

With green things, it often seems to be two steps forward and one step back. And this Government is following in that dishonourable tradition by rowing back on its support for renewable energy, just as so much positive progress was being made.  

Therefore, once again, we and our communities are left to shoulder the burden of reducing our carbon footprint. But it’s not all doom and gloom - there are an increasing number of fantastic initiatives springing up everywhere addressing the challenge of becoming 'Carbon Neutral Communities’ - the subject of our Green Scythe Fair Debate this year.  

Come join us at 1pm in the main marquee to hear our three fantastic speakers outlining the pressing need for action, debating if we can really be carbon neutral, and how best to go about it.

Our speakers are:

Peter Harper, thinker, writer, teacher, was centrally involved in the Centre for Alternative Technology's Zero Carbon Britain project, and has long experience of both researching and campaigning for decarbonisation, both the physics and the politics - but the physics comes first!

Anna Francis is Resilience Manager at Frome Town Council, which has committed to be fossil fuel free by 2046. Her focus is on helping Frome households, organisations and businesses become more resilient, self-reliant and sustainable.

Sonya Bedford, partner and Head of Renewable Energy at Exeter solicitors, Stevens Scown LLP, is nationally renowned for her renewable energy experience, having been intimately involved in many renewable energy and other sustainable initiatives across the country.

Then we will open up to you, our audience, to join the debate, question the speakers and make your own contributions.

We look forward to welcoming you at 1pm in main marquee! 
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