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Join us in the Workshop Space for some more inspirational sessions in 2017

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Here’s what we’ve got lined up so far:
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Design you own outdoor kitchen
If you are longing for an outdoor kitchen in your garden or woodland then this work shop is for you. We go through different possibilities to set you on the path to your dream! We will consider which materials to use, where to build it, sun, shade, storage and what to include. This is an inspirational workshop with opportunities to chat, and work on a plan for your own garden or woodland. Bring paper and pencil.

By Trish MacCurrach

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Starting and Running a Successful Community Project
Join Larf to hear how a group of local volunteers run a successful sustainable woodland project and subsequently set up the Willis Lane Sustainability Centre. A community run project on 2 acres of agricultural land in North Perrott, Somerset, hosting regular events and developing annual, poly-culture gardens, forest garden, wild flower meadow, chickens, ponds, composts toilets, kitchen and workshop space. Learn how they work off grid, creating their own water catchment and filtering, and practice extensive use of locally sourced, foraged and recycled resources. Hear how they manage this successfully and have a chance for questions and discussion.
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Meet WWOOF UK: Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms is a charity that links food growers and farmers with volunteers who want to learn more about sustainable living and lifestyles. This session will provide an opportunity for any current WWOOFers (as our volunteers are affectionately known) and Hosts to gather and share stories about their WWOOFing adventures, as well as get some hints and tips about improving their exchanges in the future. Potential hosts and volunteers welcome too!
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Workshops will run for approximately 45 minutes including Q&As. The Workshops Space is an extension of, and will be located next to, the Green Info Cafe where further information on similar topics will be available.

Please get in touch if you would like to provide a session.

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Above: Last year’s ‘Make Do and Mend’ Workshop
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