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WHAT’S ON 2017
Open between 11am – 6pm

Children should be accompanied by an adult
Please be aware of congestion in our area and keep buggies to a minimum

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Wild Toy Puppet Theatre – The Fisher-Knights Tale
Meet Laura, the Fisher-Knight! She is brave, she is bold, and she is armed with a fishing rod! Laura is on a perilous quest to save the River Kingdom from floods, and there are plenty of characters to help her along the way. But where have all the fish gone!? And who is cutting down all the trees?
Suitable for children aged 5 and up
Based in South Devon, Wild Toy Theatre is a fledgling company creating puppet theatre on an intimate scale. We tell original stories inspired by rural themes, including wildlife, folklore and local heritage. This performance will be followed by a pop-up craft workshop: make a pop-up card to take away!

'A well thought out, creative and meaningful story... It held the attention and imagination of children and adults alike'

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StoryLight Puppets, Bubbles and Stories
Come with us to worlds of wonder, as we imagine a beautiful future together. We are true Faeries and we bring forth the spirit of story, song, puppets, bubbles and spell-binding magic for your delight. Including:

Native American Storytelling and The Heart of All Stories
A heart-warming family show using puppets and delightful characters to take us to the place where everything connects. This story is devised to bring it's audience deep into the beauty and benefit of love and kindness.

Journey into worlds of wonder where we dream together a new way to be. Storylight is dedicated to awakening young imaginations with stories that transform culture and create hope in community.
For kids and adults alike.

Giant Promenade Puppets
One person's rubbish is another person's treasure. The Cleaning Lady at the End of the Universe is trying to clean up after all of us, but how can she manage it without our help when even her own Naughty Daughter Tavy is so destructive? And what is that strange life form born out of the plastic in our oceans?...
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Interactive Pedal generators and Sustainable Energy demos
Interactive and fun energy demonstrations for children of all ages with the ever-popular pedal powered bubble machine plus musical instruments and sound system. Our generators are made from bits of old bicycles, domestic electrical items and cars showing the value of rubbish as an educational and creative resource. Check us out on the website:
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Magical Musical Bike – Steve Apelt
Around all day. Warm up, join in and have fun with antastic tunes, silly games, talent contests and CHALK BOARDS to draw on.
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Misguided Tours - FUSE
John Lee & Sally Mann will be around the site, welcoming you, making announcements & generally leading you astray Watch out for the Green Faery Stilt walker
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Music Box Workshops in the Marquee
Music Box is delighted to bring music and storytelling for the Under 5s to the Green Scythe Fair. Come and join us with a responsible adult (we know these can be hard to find) and join in with a traditional story by playing a range of instruments...
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Serena De La Hey will once again be creating the Willow Hay Lady. Come and help weave grass into her dress and decorate her with flowers, make tunnels and play in the hay.
Imagine Learn and Create
Fortune telling and dressing up with Jess Hyslop
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Hay For Play – an area of mown grass left for children (& adults) to play in. Please make sure your child is monitored at all times and dosen’t stray into the Hay Rick & Scything areas!
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Wooden Circus
Combining Circus Skills and Forest School, expect fun, games and challenges.
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Bear Cat Collective – Dancing Mobiles & Tinkle Sticks
Weaving Crafts using Natural and Recycled Materials ~ Make striking, colourful willow hangings, musical stick creations or ribbon twigs to dance with.
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Swap Shop & ToySwap
Bring along your old toys to swap! Take something you want, leave something you no longer need. If you’ve nothing to swap simply pop a contribution in the hat.
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Soft Stone carving with Richard Langford – using tools & chalk.

Face painting with Emma of Blue Star Art

Henna Tattoos
by Devi Patel

Flower Garlands
Make your own flower garland with Lily the Pink

Willow Workshop
Make an eco-sword or head dress with the Willow Man of Kingsbury
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