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Dai Saltmarsh & Adam Hawker
Andy Harris
Joss Cade
Dean Aggett

Amanda Rayner
Cath Pratley
Joel Cusden
Jenny Plaistow
Paula Brookes
Jon Snow
Rupert Furneaux
Tom Dunbar and Amanda

Peter van Diepen
Bill and Hillary Durrant
John & Dona Rideout
Chris Black
David Gordon
Bulworthy Project
Stephen Jones
Tasmin Burt
Mark Melbourne
Sean Hellman
James Noble

Buttons and Copperwork
Chair Making/Green Woodwork
Blacksmith Goods and Horsedrawn Wagon
Meadow Forge – Shepherds Hut
Blacksmith and Rocket Stoves
Wyldwood Willow, Basket Weaving
Willow Coffins and Baskets, Weaving
Avalon Yurts
Spinning, Fleece,
Bowen Technique, Reflexology, Massage,
Windy Smithy – Wood Burning Stoves
Pit Sawing, Sustainable Timber
Traditional Combed Wheat Reed Thatching and Traditional Playhouses, Plants and Gardens
Timber Framing and Carpentry
Pole Lathe, Greenwood Turning
Rustic Signs and Trugs
Quality Carpets and Bric-a-brac
Old Wrought Iron Objects. Fittings, Hand Tools, Antiques
Charcoal Making
Kitchenalia, Tools, Books, Curiosities,
Traditional Leathercraft
Green Woodwork
Recycled Aluminium Shingles
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Thank you for once again organising a wonderful fayre, it was great between the downpours! (2016)